Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When I Thought It Was a Joke

At first I thought that cut-up Andy Borowitz from the New Yorker had wormed his way into my Facebook news feed. He's as good with a huh-provoking headline as The Onion and sometimes better.

When I saw the splash that Sarah Palin had started her own subscription news channel, I assumed Borowitz had the byline. Gulp. One stop at her channel's website and I can actually feel my smartphone getting dumber, even as I fret about protection of freedom of speech for all, which I have to support. But she really makes it hard.

With all due respect to Thomas Paine whom she'd like you to believe is her patron saint, these are the times to try men's souls and she's a big part of them. This is my favorite Paine quote. Would'n't be surprised to get only a look of incomprehension from Palin Partisans and those who have misappropriated the Gadsden Flag. Disagreeing with them carries the risk of an orange jumpsuit and a Gitmo holiday.

She, Rubio, Paul and that chuckle head from Florida the other day who thought the two GS (General Schedule) employees testifying before his Congressional House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee worked for the Government of India (I can guess why he did but will assume he's simply a stumble bunny and not a racist) are all allowed to be foolish. Thank you, Founding Fathers.

For only $9.95 a month you can have 24/7/365 Sarah Palin. I liked her a lot better when I thought she was related to Michael and I didn't like her at all then either.

I'm a little frustrated with and frightened by how all the technology I'd thought was going to join us closer together as a world is instead creating walled enclaves of close-mindedness and animus that come with their own siren song to join and exult in one's own lack of ability to see the other person and/or their point of view.

I never attribute to malice that which can be explained by ignorance, but with a Pander Bear like Sarah Palin it becomes difficult to continue to do that. She isn't a human equivalent of a zen koan, one hand clapping, but rather an angry, clenched fist not happy until it's made all other hands that could have helped angry as well. Who have we become and why?
-bill kenny

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