Friday, July 11, 2014

Or and Um

You’ve seen/read/heard the stories on Andrew “I’m a Victim, Too” Rector and the humiliation and embarrassment he (claims to have)  suffered when ESPN ridiculed him for his advanced state of relaxation at the best rivalry in any sport, anywhere, a Major League baseball game between the Red Sox of Boston and the Yankees of New York.

Here’s a still frame of him in, umm, inaction.

I enjoyed how the article from smoking gun had a photo of him in a conscious leisure-pursuit pose though I wondered where the hat was.

I probably watched that televised game-and had long since forgotten this rectum with head gear. I can tell you I never knew his name until he decided to bleat about how life is so unfair. Should he have chanced across my brother’s observations about his behavior, bleating might have been the least of his activities.

Andy, take a look at this snapshot of Vice President Joe Biden sleeping through his boss’ State of the Union Address. 

I’m thinking that was okay as the Vice-President has long known the address because he mails stuff there all the time.

Life’s hard, buddy; wear a cup and grow a set to keep in it. 

-bill kenny

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