Thursday, July 31, 2014

Still Finding Our Way

I have no idea how long we, men and women of the Earth, have been on this planet (creationists and fans of the scientific method be warned: no one (meaning me) wants your estimate) but we keep getting in each other’s way and then compound the ensuing pratfall by not learning anything from our slip on the banana peel.

Just glance at the sports headlines, don’t linger, we haven’t got all day. I admit the only reason I had any knowledge of a particular recent instance that proves my point was because the leading man in the passion play, Ray Rice, was a Scarlet Knight. I, too, am also one though my shade of crimson has faded badly with age.

Rice, as you may remember and/or care about, is alleged to have knocked out his affianced while they were in an elevator in Atlantic City, NJ, where some/part or all of it was captured on video, flash frozen and rushed to youtube for our viewing pleasure. I leave to you the contemplation of just how much physical force must be brought to bear on another human being to induce unconsciousness in such a manner. Yeah, lots.

In a truly cynical exercise of damage control that a curmudgeon such as I found breath-taking, as criminal charges were being filed, the couple wed, perhaps so that one or the other could avail themselves of ‘spousal privilege’ in the event of trial (and error, I guess) or perhaps because of the ‘family discounts’ offered at so many of the AC watering holes.

The National Football League through a process more complex and opaque than the Manhattan Project, determined Rice would be suspended (without pay) for two regular season football games as punishment (I am assuming for being caught on camera).

If you’re still reading along in the car (thanks for the ride!), yes, you’re right that’s a penalty considerably shorter than that given for a first-time positive result for drugs (just sayin’). Sometimes the things we do speak so loudly I can’t hear what we’re saying. (Stay classy, Ravens’ fans…)

WAF, Women as Furniture, isn’t unique to American professional sports or any aspect of American public (and probably private as well) life. We’ve been at this for quite awhile on the old orb and we continue to make a right hash of it. 

We forget for whatever reason that Real Men and Real Women are Real People entitled to dignity and respect. We should have plenty of that for everyone since we so rarely extend enough to anyone. Ever

-bill kenny   

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