Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another Piping Hot Slice of Life

I’m not sure if you’ve ever wondered, if there is indeed other life in the universe, why it has yet to make landfall anywhere here on the Third Rock from the Sun. I’m thinking it’s because they’ve visited us at different points in time and we’ve scare the bejabbers out of them.

In essence, and I’ll defer to your examples (and be honest, you know you have many) we and our behavior with and towards one another are why we can’t ever seem to have nice things. Look around, other animals and even plants kill one another but we of the Opposable Thumb Clan are the champions at large groups of us getting organized to wage war against other large groups of us.

Except that’s not really my point today (I’m wearing a Newsroom ball cap (in honor of next Sunday night’s return to HBO for the final season) so I’ll concede seeing my point is a little harder than it normally is) as we are equally adept at self-aggrandizing bad behavior against one another on the one-on-one level as well.

How egregiously are you willing to behave in public, ladies (I’m not being sexist; you’ll get to that in a minute) to make about $125.10? This is not a Klondike Bar volunteer solicitation.  

We all know how to get beads thrown at us during Mardi Gras parades in the Big Easy (okay maybe not thrown at all of us), but (trust me on this) Darmstadt, Germany isn’t quite the exotic locale your local travel agent would like you to think it is.  Read for yourself.

If it’s still early morning as you’re scanning this, good morning, Starshine.  I will fully understand that sudden urge to drink your morning coffee black.     

-bill kenny

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