Thursday, November 13, 2014

At least it wasn't that waitress I was seeing

I'm fascinated by off-beat and unusual news stories because they show us how we are when we think no one is watching (and thanks to social media someone is always watching).

I'm grateful the other life forms on the planet don't know how to read because we would have long ago lost our ranking among the species. As it is, we deserve probably to be third or sixth but that's our little secret, and good so.

Let's face it, we do some scary stuff given half a chance (sometimes much less than half) to the point that I often read a news item in a paper or on line and then have to go back and read it all over again because my brain got stuck on the first pass as my eyes raced to the end of the note.

This is just such a news story (and I'll tell you now it ends as badly as possible for the story's subject). My brain boggles a little bit reading this not just because of the sad ending but because I have no way of this making any sense, ever. All the big stuff in this very short report is part of an imponderable: how did Brian McClellen get on the roof of the train, when where and why? What motivated him to do what he did? Now we'll never know.

Smaller stuff as well: What were nearly two dozen people doing on a Metro North train heading into Grand Central Station at five o'clock on a November Sunday morning? Just how frickin' early do you have to stake a claim for a good spot to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Talk about The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Even now someone is working on a production development deal I'm sure with one of the channels on the cable box up above the police calls to make all of this into a movie of the week that we'll all tune in to breathlessly watch.
-bill kenny

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