Monday, November 24, 2014

Ruth Is Stranger than Richard

I think sometimes on weekends, we hang a  "gone fishin'" sign on the apartment door and check out mentally and emotionally which results in news stories that we are unable to explain.

My original theory on this one was The Onion had somehow infiltrated my news feed but it turns out it really is really and truly real and true.

I should acknowledge I very much enjoy The Onion and subscribe to it as a sort of mental palette cleanser when a dispatch from Murdoch's Morons (or do you prefer Ailes' A$$holes?) finds its way to my in-box.

In fairness and because I'm more than a little slow, I have to point out I spent months thinking the screed about the Benghazi Conspiracy was also The Onion's attempt at satire, though I don't know how they made a replica of Lindsay Graham.

I think the takeaway from the Logan Looner, especially this close to the busiest air travel day of the year is Don't. Not necessarily so much don't fly as don't go to the bathroom. Why do you think Mom asked before we got in the car?
-bill kenny

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