Friday, November 28, 2014

Need vs. Greed

We did not clear the table yesterday after our Thanksgiving meal and rush out to the mall. If you did I will strive to NOT sound judgmental and will probably fail (part of the inheritance as TOC (The Oldest Child) is a tendency to both hector and lecture where simple conversation should suffice).

I was very grateful yesterday to have the people I most love in my life at our table. Sigrid, Michelle, Patrick (and Jenna)-a whole lot more than I had when this little Carney show started sixty-two plus years ago. My Mom moved to Florida years ago because of her allergies to Jersey snow and all my brothers and sisters and their loved ones had, I hope, fine holidays even if some have challenges ahead that may make some previously rough times seem halcyon by comparison.
And I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well. Which is why I'm biting my tongue if you succumbed to the siren sales song last night and hit those Big Box Stores and saved an additional 45.6% on Size 44 Triple-E jump boots. After all, you cannot have too many of them (where did you think we would get those boots on the ground we're not putting down in Syria and Iraq?)

My sense of irony goes into overload when we had a day to celebrate that for which we were most grateful and we capped it off by rushing out to gather more material possessions. Soon we'll need to get bigger houses, as George Carlin observed decades ago, to keep all this new stuff in.

The construction trades should appreciate the boost in demand, if no one else. And all those new chimneys will mean Santa is even busier and will need to hire more elves to make more stuff we rush out to buy even earlier on Thanksgiving Eve.

And round and round goes the gossip. Maybe somebody can create a Pita pocket filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce that we can take with us as we hit the road for the Big Sale. Push comes to shove, we can keep it in the cup holder and knosh on it as we hope to score a balsa wood catamaran the kids are all so crazy about in the Big Mall Giveaway. Good luck!
-bill kenny

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