Monday, November 10, 2014

Which Is the End that Wags?

Quick slice of life to start the day and in an indirect way a shout-out for all those who believe in pooper-scooper laws for dogs. Actually based on some of the behavior I've seen there's no reason to restrict its enforcement to just canines.

I've been in Springfield, Massachusetts. I've never seen Homer, or Bart or any of The Simpsons but I'm told I'm not in the right Springfield. After reading this, I'm glad none of us know Michael Valentin, even the imaginary cartoon characters among us.

I always feel bad for all the dogs and owners who are good neighbors and the reality is that it's only the humans who are thoughtless and uncaring when it comes to cleaning up after their pets (and I still don't understand why there are NO cat licensing requirements but I'm not comfortable mentioning that concern in front of Michael).

So if you're a dog owner and monitor your animal's input and output, thanks. And that bit, right there, is my proof that dope is bad for you because at the height of their popularity in the early Seventies, a whole generation of us thought those two guys were the height of hilarity (pun intended). But in fairness, those were strange days indeed.
-bill kenny

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