Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wotta Waste of a Weekday

Not sure how your day after Thanksgiving went. In these parts we had enough folks do the Black Friday Mamba that I'd be amazed to learn there was anything left on the shelves to sell for the rest of the season.

Except as we both know, there is and there will be. This is the first year I saw references to Grey Wednesday, that is, the day before Thanksgiving which has now been rolled up into the orgy of commerce we have instead of afters and coffee following the turkey.

What better way to burn off those calories, I guess, than to wrestle other folks in lines snaking around buildings waiting for them to open up so we can save yet another 10% on a self-actualizing toaster or a left-handers only electric toothbrush. Seems like quite the good idea but we skipped it.

Here's what we did, again, in Norwich Connecticut. For the 23rd annual time (though I have a memory of it being rescheduled one year because of the ludicrously cold weather, but that might just be the root beer talking). Neighbors entertaining neighbors, mostly to pass the time and tell each other it's not as chills as it feels until we light City Hall.

And then, at least I believe it's true, we spend most of the remainder of the holiday season holding one another's gaze a little longer, smiling a moment sooner as we pass by one another and being a skosh more sincere as we wish one another the best of the holiday. Long after the warranty on that bargain blender has lapsed we'll have the shadow of a smile.
-bill kenny

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