Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some Words for Franz Boas

There's something about watching snow fall on the first full day of Spring that gives me a sad heart. And a red behind. Yes, my first thought yesterday was recalling that old expression about all the words "eskimos" purportedly have for snow, though in all honesty NONE of my words came close to any they might employ.

This is my house yesterday morning at a little after half-past eight as I slowly wrapped my head around the fact that despite forecasts to the contrary, it was still snowing from Friday.

I was tempted to pull a Charlie Sheen and blame it on President Barack Obama but my sense of humor and whimsy were both so snow-covered I was unable to see or find the humor in that (happened with Chuckles Sheen about a decade ago).

So here I am, on the first Sunday of Spring hoping that I, along with all the others up and down the East Coast, can now start to speak of snowfall in the past tense only while looking forward to better things and no longer wondering where did my spring go?
-bill kenny

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