Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (I get nervous when my wife goes for an eye exam just in case she reconsiders the last three plus decades) and while matters of taste are always subject to discussion, we live in a time of more deeply felt and loudly professed sense of injury from all manner of devices and deeds, real and/or imagined.

Wandering around on the interweb (I think I originally intended to check the weather but that was a decade and six hundred kajillion water-skiing-squirrels-eaten-by-grumpy-cats ago) I saw a picture of (I assumed) a military service person’s newborn baby (battle dress uniform as the background because the child was being held at waist height) sleeping peacefully swaddled in a white warming blanket while cradled in an American flag.

Talk about angering people, the photo certainly did that.

I’m a father, a veteran of active duty, an American and obviously dumber than a box of rocks because I don’t “see” the disrespect (or worse) by the photographer or the family who desired the image in the first place that has so inflamed so many people.

And without intending to pour gasoline onto that particular “you’re disrespecting the flag” fire, might I suggest to all those whose intentions are as least as pure as their rhetoric perhaps we can worry a bit more about more fully practicing and realizing the virtues for which our flag stands and less about appearances.
-bill kenny        

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