Friday, March 6, 2015

Perhaps Why Hiawatha Sings

I’m blessed to live at the moment that I do-though because I am alive you feel slightly less blessed about your life and the timing involved in it. I think that has to do with eggs and how they’re prepared. 

Anyway, thanks to the communion and convergence of dumb boxes and devices like the one I’m typing this on and you’re reading it on we can launch satellites, calculate the number nanoseconds involved in any form of experimentation you can imagine, converse with people like, and unlike, us across the planet. 

The marvels are so numerous and pervasive I almost cannot blame the Third (and now Fourth and Fifth, I think) World for wondering why we in the First World haven’t cured all of us of all our ills already.

I suspect it has to do with how much time we devote to researching answers to questions like “how long is it?” I don’t pretend to know (or know of) women who discuss their personal and vital statistics and truth to tell, I have never had a conversation with any man on earth (or elsewhere) about such things but there's certainly enough speculation about the shape and size of things South of the Border.

Even under extreme and exigent circumstances such as being adrift in a life raft, if I couldn’t simply respond by invoking Longfellow and leaving it at that, I’d have to deploy the Chapman defense and hope for a message rather than a specimen in the bottle.      
- bill kenny

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