Monday, March 16, 2015

Prefer Al to David

I had a more-secular-than-I work colleague ask me the other day if it were just him or did I, too, notice more TV ads for Fish-Macs and the like at fast-food restaurants. I always enjoy the opportunity to explain various nuances of the liturgical calendar to heathens (kidding, Dave; actually, not so much), since I am so eminently qualified to do so.

I smile now thinking back to his furrowed brow and then the “Eureka!” look that crossed his face as I explained Lent and its impact on food sales. I was tempted, but didn’t, to ask if he just thought the folks who marketed singing fish got together at some point every late winter to push their product. It might have better explained that 55 gallon drum of tartar sauce I fear he has in the garage.

I am flattered (I think) that he asked me and will pretend it’s because he believed I looked like someone who knows many and varied things as opposed to some kind of a diz-buster who’s up on all the loopy stuff in the universe (from a distance they look very much alike).

I was more of a fish sticks or macaroni and cheese for Friday dinners kind of kid this time of year in accordance with our family’s religious traditions. In more recent decades, I’ve abstained from abstinence with not always salubrious effects, but if you don’t walk on the wild or mild side, what’s the point.

I will for future reference always emphasize my mac-and-cheese history sort of as a get out of jail free card especially if Mega Piranha ever really exist. I found a film clip of a movie I suspect that was adapted for the screen by putting it on a piece of wood and banging a few holes in it and probably filmed on VHS as well as directly released to that format. 

Barry Williams, you have some ‘splainin’ to do.
-bill kenny    

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