Friday, April 10, 2015

All We Are Saying ....

Things I only recently learned include that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a left-handed person. My oldest younger sister, Evan, is also a left-handed person. My sister Evan, however, is not Barack Obama. I make that distinction for those of the ‘Fox News Channel is my primary source of information’ persuasion as their ability to reduce coincidence to cosmic certainty and then unshakeable (and often unspeakable) truth amazes me on a regular basis. 

As part of the White House’s Annual Easter Roll festivities (and you thought they didn’t have Easter in Kenya, didn’t you? Live and learn, pilgrim) it was the President and Maurice Sendak, standing together yet alone, as bees decided to participate in the President’s reading of Where the Wild Things Are.

I suspect all the Easter quilting and spelling activities were overbooked and the gathering on the lawn of the White House on Monday was a target of opportunity (or another attempt by Jerry Seinfeld to bolster interest in his cinematic excursion. In that case, well-played, Sir!).

Mr. Obama who has spent nearly seven years wrangling with members of Congress (both of his own  and the other party) sometimes most resembling herding cats, by all accounts acquitted himself well in both reading the story and keeping the children safe.

There was some disappointment in that outcome I suspect for  George Will, who probably had at the ready an anecdote about how Ronald Reagan invented the honey bee during the Middle Class Jelly Bean Gilded Age that occurred only in his mind after the bow-tie over-tightening created an oxygen shortage to his brain. I remain at a loss to explain Chris Matthews’ continuing delusions and histrionics as he so often has open neck shirts. Perhaps a bee sting where he sits down?

Anyway. UN Bee-Keepers arrived in short order, restoring order and imposing triple-parking on the narrow streets leading to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while covering the East Lawn in their blue helmets which seemed to thrill both Messrs. Schmidt (didja see what I did there?) and Kohl.
-bill kenny

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