Monday, April 27, 2015

Everywhere You Look

I gave up a long time ago believing anything I could type here on a daily or otherwise basis would or could make a difference like that of gale force winds created halfway round the globe by the beating of a buttterfly’s wings. Nope, not even close. 

I realized all by myself long before anyone pointed out to me, I was attempting to empty an ocean of lunacy and bad behavior with a teaspoon.  As it turns out, the spoon is one of those cheapo plastic ones that tend to melt into nothingness as you use it to stir your coffee. And you thought that bold new flavor was the result of those fresh-roasted, fair-trade purchased and rainforest grown coffee beans? Um, no.  You’re cuter than a bug’s ears even though I have NO idea what that expression is supposed to mean.

Today, under the rubric of Don’t Worry, Be Happy let’s applaud the fearless programming acumen of Netflix in bringing back (despite popular demand) Full House as (gasp!) Fuller House. From the same folks who brought us Jordache Jeans I suspect and pet rocks, it’s Mulling the Mullet, Part II (Roman Numerals make everything classier, that’s why we use them to number our World Wars).

So afraid are we, I fear, of what the future may bring, we remain rooted in our own past-music, arts, politics (Clinton vs Bush, again?) and entertainment. Somewhere Marty McFly has the hood open on the DeLorean and is working to regap the spark plugs and adjust the timing chain. When that happens, all I can conclude is nothing is different but everything’s changed
-bill kenny     

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