Thursday, April 2, 2015

Only You R. Dean Taylor, Only You

To my knowledge, and I'm no ornithologist and I did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, no member of the avian community dislikes another of the same species because of the way they build their nest or which wing they flap first when flying (which is very good news for penguins and ostriches I suppose).

Haven't really spent enough time with the spirit of Marlin Perkins to have examined too closely how this sort of "you're different even though we're the same" discrimination works anywhere in the animal kingdom but I'm willing to bet in the other two (vegetable and mineral) there are no such shenanigans either.

All of which brings me to Indiana and their Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a legalistic contortion so amazing that my little brain cannot fully grasp all of its nuance, but having spent six plus decades trodding this earth and rubbing elbows with some truly awful human beings (who often can say the same thing), I know evil when I smell it and in this case, it reeks.

I try to NOT judge people by their beliefs but rather by their actions. Indiana is very close to the center of the land of my birth but nowhere near the center of my affections at a time of the year when we should embrace, not disgrace, one another as deserving of all the love and affection we can give.
-bill kenny

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