Tuesday, April 7, 2015

So That's Why They Play So Many...

Wow. As a Yankees fan, I look at yesterday's opener and hope we go on a 161 game winning streak because in our division, we may need at least that to get to the wildcard.

That was some grim stuff. But, the crowd reaction to the Cheater, rhymes with Jeter but will never replace him, was very nice, too. I could say the Blue Jays and the Yankees certainly had a nice day for a baseball game even if only one squad turned up, but then I remember they spent the last six weeks in Florida.

Cheer up, things can only go uphill from here, unless of course it turns out we're on the top of an undersea mountain and the big waves are rolling in. Speaking of which, the Olde Towne Team, led by Big Papi, my dear Captain Ahab, arrives in The Bronx Friday night. I hope we've got the chorus line settled by then.

Of course, The Bronx still has a team as does Flushing. More than can be said for Brooklyn, which has only the memories of seasons that were.
-bill kenny

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