Saturday, April 25, 2015

Picture Postcards from Radio Days

This is a brief, very brief, stroll through my back pages of long ago and far away.
It's actually about two people with whom I had the good fortune to work before the first of our two children was born (or even conceived; not that I'm suggesting cause and effect here).

Today is the shared birthday of "Lips" deep in the heart of Texas, Palestine, if my memory serves me well (the other one, with armadillos) and TOB, the other bill, unless he's speaking about me in which case I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together. Kookookaju. TOB is somewhere in Florida.

We shared office space and airwaves in Frankfurt am Main of American Forces Radio in (West) Germany, back in the day when the Russians were the Evil Empire (seems like only yesterday for some in Eastern Europe still, I suspect) and I don't think I ever realized they share(d) a birthday until decades later long after we'd lost sight of one another here in The Land of the Round Doorknobs.

The other Bill sent this clipping to me during the week-another reminder that the river continues to flow to the sea whether you are on the banks or in the boat. For the three of us and lots of others there were times I think when we thought we could walk on water.

Some of us have photographs (people other than me) and others have just their memories. They're all that's left. Herzlichen Gluckwunsche, Dave und Bill, und alles gut zum geburtstag(en)!
-bill kenny

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