Friday, April 17, 2015

The Heart of the Matter

Farid Rashti and Walter Huber were almost perfect strangers earlier this week in Sunnyvale, California, until calamity befell Rashti who was struck in the middle of his chest by a kicked soccer ball and went into cardiac arrest. It could have been the end to his sad story, but as you’ll read here, it wasn’t and their story had, instead, a very happy ending.

I am a sucker for happy endings but in this case, I confess to having some skin in the game, and I don’t mean the soccer match. I downloaded and installed the Pulse Point AED application (for my iPhone; it’s available for android as well. If you’ve got a phone with a Windows operating system, why?) because even though I was never a Boy Scout (got lost trying to find the meetings), I endorse whole-heartedly their motto, “Be prepared.”

No one looks out for you the way you do and since I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford to travel in a mobile ER with a full entourage of medical professionals, I’m thinking Pulse Point could allow me to comfortably rely on the kindness of strangers even though nine out of ten times I’ll prove that Ruth is Stranger than Richard

Admittedly, Pulse Point doesn’t look like it’s as much fun as Angry Birds or Farmville but I’m thinking for those like me who have a strong desire to live forever, it may prove to be far more useful and closer to being the perfect reason to make sure your smart phone is smart enough. 

In a perfect world, the interface between the technology and humanity should be seamless-I’m thinking Pulse Point not only can enhance your quality of life it can extend the quantity as well. 
-bill kenny

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