Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fighting Above Your Weight

There are days no matter how hard someone is working to jolly you up, the “No Joy” light continues to burn like a thousand suns. It happens to each of us, hopefully NOT all at the same time but there are moments when more than one unhappy person is occupying a space designed or designated for a different unhappy person. In those instances hilarity often does NOT ensue. 

I’m thinking that may be what happened here, a couple of months ago at The Happiest Place on Earth. Either that or Fogerty’s Bad Moon Risin’ showed up a bit early. 

I did find a lot of the viewer comments about the clip well beyond the pale (and reported so many as ‘hate speech’, the YT folks sent me a note to ask if perhaps I had malfunctioning keyboard), especially since I’m not a big fan of waiting for anything (except, and I’m guessing now, to be taken out back and thrashed with a tree branch; in that instance, feel free to dawdle) and since this happened sometime in July and Florida is not well-known for its July cool spells, I think the elements and environment helped contribute to the fraying of nerves.

I mention this at all because two folks of whom I am inordinately fond, one of them my son and the other the love of his life, are enjoying The House of Mouse even as I type this and I while I certainly hope they receive everything they signed up for on their vacation, I hope they choose “pie” over “pugilism” when asked if they’d like more of something.
-bill kenny

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