Saturday, September 26, 2015

Later We Can Lean on the Hood and Tell Racing Stories....

Without meaning to harsh your petroleum buzz, as the price at the pump continues to fall to levels not seen since the Founding Fathers, and Mothers, suggested in the Constitution we Americans are entitled to pay no more than fifty cents a gallon (ever) for full-service regular (you can look it up or ask that well-known Constitutional scholar Dr. Ben Carson to help), you might be interested in knowing where all that oil that we refine for our cars and trucks comes from. Or not

Sure seems like a lot of dead dinosaurs to me. And, hand on your heart, did you ever, I mean really ever, see Bob and Doug wearing a Keffiyeh? Quite the attention-grabber standing in line at Tim Hortons (hears a Tuque) I’d imagine. Just goes to show how a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Thank goodness we do such a good job in these parts on being uninformed-saves a lot of harm, believe you me. 

Anyway, as you’re sitting at your full-serve fill-up joint, remember when gas stations used to check your oil and offer you a free drinking glass, or a towel, or some other ‘prize’? spare a thought for Ali-Al-Nmir, a young Saudi Arabian who may well be dead, in a most gruesome if not grotesque manner, by the time you read this.  

Thanks to Middle East terrorists of all flavors, we’ve become nearly inured to reports of barbarism from “that” part of the world, except in case you sort of just skimmed that last link, pay attention when reading this link to who is killing him.

It's the same people who have done so much to assist in the humanitarian tsunami that is overwhelming so many nations across Europe, if by so much you mean as I do, absolutely nothing except contribute to the misery of the swarms of humanity fleeing for their lives by supporting a proxy war in Yemen

So far, our country has done so little in terms of intervention in this matter, it would appear from space as if we had done nothing. Wouldn’t want to disturb the sleep of the just, I know, not even to try to stop a most heinous miscarriage of not-even-close-to-justice.

It’s a good thing oil is lighter than water otherwise those supertankers bringing all that Saudi oil to our refineries might not be able to float across the oceans of the world. And then how would we get these metal boxes with voracious petroleum appetite from point blank to moot point.

Thankfully (for us) we've decided to forget blood is thicker than water though washing it off this time may prove to be much harder than we might have ever imagined.

-bill kenny

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