Friday, September 4, 2015

Joined at the Hip for All Eternity

When I think of dynamic duos, Brady and Goodell, Tom Terrific and Roger the Artful Dodger, aren’t the names that leap from my lips but today, and hopefully only for today (but that’s not gonna happen I know) those are the names on everyone’s lips.  One could be Juris and the other Prudence except that is even too much to hope for.

In the future, suggested Andy Warhol, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.
If you’re Jimmy Garoppolo, he never even had the chance to get the watch band adjusted, much less set the timer. Welcome to Footnote City, population: you.

I’m sorry Deflategate wasn’t decided on one of the TV courtroom shows; it deserved to be. And yet, perhaps I’m just being a grumpy, old Jets’ fan (last rooted for them when Joe Willie led them over the Colts in III; what a long strange trip, for all of us, it has been since then).

So now, I’m thinking we can go back to watching the political horse races, and keep up with the Kardashians while conspicuously consuming everything and everyone in sight. The Romans had their bread and circuses. We’ve got delivery and the NFL. Who would dare to NOT be happy?

-bill kenny   

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