Sunday, December 27, 2015

For the Last Sunday, Ever, of 2015

I was exchanging notes yesterday with someone on the other coast. Her observations are pithy and precise and so casually learned I need to keep Google open in the background to understand half the references.

My notes are far more are rushed and typed by a man who so obviously learned his native language via correspondence course during a mail strike. It's painfully unfair, but I'd imagine to a third party always amusing.

We were discussing resolutions, this being the season for them and the all-too-actual risk of many of them being in the dustbin of history by this time next week. I have given up on making them completely because for me they are truly a waste of time whereas she keeps progress and development incremental which (I think) helps make them more achievable.

In any event, however, she does make or keep her resolutions, it seems to work for her. And then I fell across this.

I think it's enough incentive for each of us separately, and perhaps altogether, to dig a little deeper and try a little harder as one year ebbs into the next year's flow.
-bill kenny

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