Sunday, December 6, 2015

I'm a Victim, Too

Have you noticed the drumbeat of stories in the newspapers and on TV about people, just like us (well, not really, they have press agents, a very low threshold of self-esteem and NO shame), who are the victims of a giant conspiracy of an uncaring universe that has so scarred them for life (psychic scars on your soul never heal for settlements of less than seven figures) that they will never recover.
Sadly, for the rest of us, they will also never go away.

You know who they are. The folks who find odd things in fast food purchases, Ka-Ching! The grade school child who was tagged too hard and whose daddy wants dollars instead of the healing touch, Ka-Ching!  

I'm tempted myself.; I've had a series of knee surgeries over the years; I wouldn't be able to walk otherwise. I thought each was an excellent job, but you know what? Upon further review, I still haven't been on Dancing With the Stars, and I think somebody, someplace, owes me some green. Why not? 

Our government spent a decade and a boatload of money on bailouts of things too big to fail, never noticing the irony of that title. How about us kids in the weeds? Corporate relo refugees that need love, too. Yeah, that's what we should be talking about. We need a lot LESS 'E Pluribus Unum' and lot MORE 'What's In It For Me?' We have moms creating fake screen identities to payback, in extremis, teenage girls whom they suspect said mean things about their teenage daughters and it results in a child taking her own life. okay, perhaps NOT the best example.

A generation ago, this would have never been possible. Our parents had their own lives, and we, ours.If we were lucky, maybe Mom knew the names of some of the kids who hung out with us (our dads never did; they always called 'Neil', 'Bob' and when you told them later they always went 'oh?'). Now parents are part of the posse, and maybe part of the problem. Don't worry, we have someone on the staff to take care of that for you, for a small consideration, of course. 

Nothing is anyone's fault. I LOVE when some elected/anointed and appointed personality is forced to admit wrongdoing and 'confesses'. Actually, they confirm what's already known, which is NOT what confession is. Monsignor Harding explained exactly what confession was and what it meant to me over half a century ago. I suppose today I should issue a press release and seek representation. 

After the public confession (not yet, wait until the CNN crew gets here), there's always a statement to the effect that "I take full responsibility"--what does that actually mean? Anything we want, as it turns out. Complain about the present and blame it on the past. I'd like to find your inner child and kick its little ass.
-bill kenny

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