Thursday, December 3, 2015

I'll Stay the Summer Through

I guess it's official now, 2015 is in full "Hello, I Must Be Going" mode as we're nearly halfway through the first week of the last month of this year. I just finished counting days and subtracting them from the year and what we have left is all there is. Yipes. 

In January, I'd have stuck an ! on the end of that pes but no more. Why waste it now? All the poems, prayers and promises we hoped to enjoy are nearly all past tense and unlike Banquo's ghost, they didn't stick around long enough for us to savor or regret them. Hell, I don't know about you but I can't remember more than a handful of them without digging back through my daily journal and a lot of that reads like a travelogue from Bedlam.

I do know all the people who had speaking parts in that 'somebody has to be there' musical-comedy that proved to not be funny at all playing as far off Broadway as is possible are all home and dry now. We haven't closed auditions, which would be great news, but I'll take what I can get when I can get it. If you've got someone in that stew right now, I'll keep them in my thoughts (and wish there were more I could do) as you hold them in your heart.

We're into Advent which means Christmas will be here in a moment and the New Year, which we'll embrace with the same enthusiasm we did its predecessor, will follow in short order. We're so busy struggling right now to live we don't seem to be enjoying life and that's a tight trick because whatever comes next is more a matter of faith than a statement of fact and that part of the carnival ride seems to be dark and quiet. 

I just hope it's not closed for repairs.
-bill kenny

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