Sunday, December 13, 2015

Though Dark Our Days May Be

Despite the recent days of hate and hate-filled utterances some public figures have had in this Season of Hope, today, Gaudete Sunday remains a favorite of mine (since my earliest school days).

A lot of the warmth of our human hearts regardless of your beliefs is reflected by the holiday seasons that fall together this time of year somehow reminding us, I hope, that we are beyond our differences very much the same people.

Underscoring that is the life of Tibor "Teddy" Rubin, who though he passed on Friday before we reached the Third Sunday of Lent is I think the embodiment of someone we should and could aspire to become.

We have too many horns in the cacophony of life and can most certainly use another light, especially in this, the most hopeful of seasons.
-bill kenny

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