Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beyond the Rim of the Star Light

Maybe it seems a lot longer when you've got your shields up, but today, fifty years ago, NBC TV aired the debut episode of Star Trek. I have no idea what disambiguation means or if it's an English word or Klingon (after hearing the pronunciation guide, I'm thinking Klingon not so much). Today's title, by the way, is from the lyrics to the original TV show's theme song. I know, 'did you say lyrics? Highly illogical.' But by Spock's Beard, (and the Los Angeles Times) true.

I'm reasonably familiar with the various incarnations of the TV show and the movie franchises and am always impressed with the devotion of its fans who have their own particular preferences and druthers in terms of TV shows and characters. Quite frankly I use it, Star Trek, as a one-size fits all description which is very unfair to the writers and actors of the many different flavors of the program.

I think I might have watched early episodes of The Mod Squad with something approximating similar devotion (or I was just swooning over Peggy Lipton, much more likely) but I know that show never approached the nuance and textures of even the original series whose 50th anniversary is tonight.

I defer to devotees who can tell you without even pausing about who's still on board the Big Blue Marble, everyone from Shatner to Stewart (keep your day jobs, gentlemen) and who has shuffled off her and his mortal coil for a different location on another astral plane.

I think fifty anythings is pretty cool (pony rides for birthdays more so I'll concede than bed bug bites), and an eloquent testimony to the echo and veracity of art and its abilities in all its forms to both reflect and refract life and light as we know it. Live long and prosper (or something like it).
-bill kenny

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