Friday, September 16, 2016

Ian Matthews Was Right

Things got a little warm and too close for comfort recently at the very top of the world, and it had a lot to do with global warming  but a whole MORE to do with polar bears. If you can read this dispatch from NBC, thank a Literacy Volunteer.

Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues notwithstanding, even on a perfectly calm day, there is still some need and use for a meteorologist if for nothing else than to NOT get the dog who's no longer there.

I love this line: "The meteorologists ran out of signal flares that they had been using to scare away the bears, which had previously eaten their guard dog." School kids everywhere who have insisted to incredulous teachers since time began that 'the dog ate my homework' must surely be feeling some small measure of revenge and redemption right about now. And flare manufacturers must be pretty happy about that uptick in sales.

Not actually Jules and the Polar Bears but close
I'm blaming this whole Nick Danger escapade requirement on those wily Chinese who always get the better of America in trade deals says one (very orange) candidate for US President, since, according to that same candidate, global warming is a hoax from those same Chinese. And they already have a yuuuge wall. Go figure.

Kidding aside (yeah, that was what the previous paragraph purported to be), it seems to me from a safe distance, further proof we are damaging a planet that may no longer be able to heal itself. Our genius for self-inflicted destruction aside, we may just succeed in taking every other living creature with us in our ignorance and arrogance.
-bill kenny

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