Saturday, April 2, 2011

Captain Cook Would NOT Be Amused

I'm thinking maybe our English cousins celebrate April Fool's Day a bit longer (and more intensely) than do we on this side of the pond. Or not. You be the judge: submitted for your inspection, "Woman Suffering from Depression to Have 'Therapy Pet' Kangaroo Taken Away."

I realize in many applications of tough love programs to combat substance abuse there are animal based figures of speech, such as cold turkey or get the monkey off one's back. And if one fails to get or to stay clean, you've screwed the pooch. What's the matter Lassie, is the Westminster Kennel Club in trouble?

I'm not sure I grasp exactly what therapy pet kangaroo taken away might be as a code or for what and I didn't want to be L7 so I checked in urban dictionary. No joy. The notion that this is an actual, legitimate story from the same people whose language so many of us speak and whose royalty fascinates us (though not enough to emulate George Bernard Shaw or even Robert (I always thought it was a good sized boat) should provide food for thought but I'm more of a dessert tray guy myself.

The old 'what did you say?' story about how the kangaroo got its name has been pretty much been put to bed, which is certainly more than can be said for Irwin, the subject of our newspaper article, leaving me to wonder if microchips and fish can be eaten on Fridays other than during Lent. Say three Hail Mary's and call me in the morning.
-bill kenny

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