Friday, April 22, 2011

Her Paint's All Over Town

Somehow, I don't think when Charlton, channeling Moses, spoke about his cold, dead hands, this was quite likely NOT what he had in mind. Sounds like we're adding broken hearts to bare arms, and quite frankly we haven't had enough nice weather yet this Spring to even contemplate wearing just a light sweater. And it looks like in one instance we actually might have an order for Kevlar.

Not intending to trivialize what happened (okay, maybe just a little) who tries to whack someone with a BB gun or conversely (in case this was a match dot com situation gone awry) how can one person inspire three others but only so far...and no farther?

I do appreciate that this wasn't a mob-style hit in the middle of the night with spent cartridges littering the area, chalk outlines and police tape. Norwich is, after all a small city of about forty thousand and the Chamber of Commerce doesn't really need to have any of the residents trying to take out any of the other residents. Even if it's Girlie Gangsters, and I'm not saying it is.

Judging from the ages of the alleged assailants, possibly one or more of them had a curfew (it was a school night, after all) so the decision to strike at four in the afternoon probably made a lot more sense in the planning stage than in the execution phase. Kind of like launching a rocket to the moon at night because it's easier to see.

And if you're positing the attack suggests there was no plan of any kind, you might well be correct in that assumption. This is definitely one of those newspaper stories that you hope will have updates and follow-ons perhaps even a Bill Kurtis' American Justice special but somehow you know your hopes will be dashed to pieces. He's not into miracles-sees life all too cynical and yet the song remains the same, except for the choruses.
-bill kenny

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