Friday, April 29, 2011

The World Will Always Welcome Lovers

Who knew I was such a romantic? Certainly not my wife....(kidding, dear; I hope). Today is The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, an event even bigger than the Superbowl Roman Numeral Whatever It Was (despite The Black Eyed Peas at halftime).

Talk about a fishbowl with zero room for second thoughts, even such as these, yipes! I'd not be surprised if MI-5 suggested to that clip's producers they were a little less reverential than is considered appropriate. I was out of country, away from my desk, so to speak when Prince Charles and Diana Spencer were wed, and I was amazed at the scale and scope of interest worldwide in those nuptials.

Here we are, a generation later with all the advancements in technology that hath been wrought and oh, boy, I guesss the only place we're not going to be is in the boudoir after the nuptials (I'm thinking a pay per view opportunity gone a glimmering that could have put the House of Windsor at the top of Rodeo Drive forever in terms of cash flow). On the other hand how would you and your main squeeze like to have been tweeted about? Yeah, no pressure and certainly no performance anxiety despite the (fore)play by play. And I thought John Madden was retired...

What's left to say? Heqq, George Michael even released a song to celebrate the wedding. How can there be any doubt that cold feet aren't part of the equation. George Michael is back (far MORE colorfully described as more than one comment on the clip makes clear), who's the main event (it's also a classic Stevie Wonder song but that's a sidebar). He didn't song a song for our wedding, how about yours? QED, this is important, okay?

As an American, I get a little confused at the hub-bub about The Royal Wedding since we fought an extended war to NOT be a part of the British Empire back in the days when the sun never set on it. And yet across this land of ours today, as it will be around the world, many will be planted in front of any device capable of receiving audio and video to just take it all in. I'm thinking that has something to do with our love of fairy tales and a desire for happy endings and who doesn't wish the young couple one of each for always and all time.

Tomorrow we can go back to the world as it is. Little will have changed and perhaps even less will have improved. Except, maybe the magic of the moment today will linger and when we think about it, and we shall, we'll smile at all the pomp and circumstance while remembering how the fundamental things apply as time goes by.
-bill kenny

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