Thursday, April 14, 2011

Combover Is as Combover Does

We have a ways to go before we next elect a President of the United World. I used to say States but let's face it, the President of the United States is really the President of the United World, whether anyone to include the person in the office likes it or not. You can most certainly disagree, that's your birthright.

Except, please tell me who is Prime Minister of Canada-that should be easy. They are our neighbor to the North, right next door. That name is....yeah, figured as much. Should we have a go at naming the President of Mexico? Why not? They, too, share this continent with us. How are we doing so far on this quiz? Ooooh, not so hot, eh?

Try this one: the Prime Minister of England (okay, that's a trick question since "England" is not the official name of the country). Still drawing a blank. Ditto for the Chancellor of Germany or the President of France. Should we switch to the other side of the world and have attempt to name the Prime Minister of Japan (he even has a blog). Care to guess the name of the Philippines' President? No.....

It's not that we're bad at world events, though in many instances we are. It's that we just don't care and we don't have to and feel we probably never will. How many Germans know the name of the US President? Here's a hint: ALL of them. Wanna play again? How many Japanese people know who the President of the United States is? It's the exact same as the number of Japanese people living in Japan.

What's my point? You can see it unless I wear a hat, which is more than can be said for a champion pouter and poser, Donald Trump who may be running for President (I suspect that cheers up the current occupant of the White House like no other news imaginable). I assume he is running as a Republican but there may be more to The Don than meets the comb and, as it turns out, he's open to a third (or more) party candidacy, just as long as he gets to run.

I confess that I have (so far) been immune to Mr. Trump's appeal (all this time on and 'birther' is still his hot button issue?), though I've little doubt he has some for someone, somewhere. I'm smiling now imagining a memorable moment yet to be where two German schoolchildren are struggling to remember the name of a recent Republican American president. One of them says, "Ich habs! Lincoln." And the other scoffs, "So ein quatsch!! Das ist doch das auto von Trump."
-bill kenny

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