Thursday, April 21, 2011

So It's Not Just Blindness and Hairy Palms?

Talk about putting the fun in funerals and the hot back in hot sex, make a note whenever you're in San Francisco car pool with Scott McKenzie but avoid antagonizing Roger Huang. Between you and me, if you have to pick only one, Roger should win because he may have supernatural powers. I'd ask for a show of hands on that, but that could prove to be downright unhygienic.

Here's what I'm talking about. Yeah-I know what you're thinking, a lot of things can burst in a porn shop peep show, but I think we'd agree very few of them end up in flames. I'm not sure what to make anything called an "Adult Superstore." Perhaps it's a building that can leap over grown-ups in a single bound. Or not. (I was hoping to read a rating or two; that might have been quite the literary adventure. Which is more than I can say for the notion of sharing photos. That could have obviated the whole point of going into the Adult Superstore in the first place.)

According to the report, the object of (perhaps) divine retribution was thoroughly toasted. I'm curious as to what 10% of his body parts are reportedly unburned though I imagine my curiosity has no particular color. (I never knew the film's title was based on the Swedish flag until I read it here; of course, it took me eleventeen hundred hours to get to that part of the story.)

If you're shopping for a get well card, and don't we all want to know what Hallmark has up its corporate sleeve in this case, you can probably use this address to share your wish for a speedy recovery. I'm wondering if we just put "Attention: Richard" on the front, will it get delivered?
-bill kenny

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