Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All We're Missing is the Stopwatch

It was a pretty busy mid-morning yesterday for national news. With all due respect to those on the outskirts of current events who use terms such "lame stream news" to describe what most of the rest of us rely on for information, the joint was jumpin' and the house was rocking with domestic problems.

At a minute before half past ten (Daylight Savings Time) halb-elf (auf deutsch), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced she will seek the Presidency of the United States. I think she should start looking for it at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in The District because that's where it was last seen. Our daughter has the same first name as the Minnesota congressperson except she spells her first name wrong. You can probably guess which 'she' I mean.

If there's one thing most of us can't stand, it's parents who will NOT be parents (unless it's our parents who were, of course, too strict). But, as it turns out, even more of us, especially on the Supreme Court, have less than no use for the Nanny State and the NWO (you wish! Nine Wise Ones) decided California went too far in regulating the sale of violent video games to children. Who'd have thunk it? California, of all places, going too far? Pshaw! Seems it's a free speech issue, according to the Court. Who knew?

Then Diana Ross and the Supremes moved us a little closer to Animal Farm by deciding some in Arizona, especially those seeking office who have money or friends who have money, are a little more equal than those who don't or don't have. I'm not sure what happens if those moneyed friends run afoul of the Arizona statute on who is and who isn't a citizen. I guess as long as you save your receipt you can probably get a refund or exchange for a very small restocking charge.

I mentioned Daylight Savings Time earlier because I lack the mad math skills to figure out how much more really cool news could get crammed into a standard daylight day but considering how much of what goes on everyday just seems to wash over us without a trace or a mark, it may make no difference to anyone at all. Good thing today has just started all shiny and new-and with it, the promise that anything can happen and the sobering realization that it may already have and we didn't recognize it among the noise.
-bill kenny

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