Friday, June 3, 2011

Forever Is a More Limited Time Concept, It Seems

Shhh! Please read this in no more than a whisper-try to NOT move your lips and if you must, please avoid subvocalizing any alvelor fricatives or law enforcement may be forced to intervene.

While a lot of us along the Eastern Seaboard were enjoying nice weather for the Memorial Day holiday, New York City police were directed to reimpose Quiet Zones in two locations in Central Park well-known as popular musical haunts throughout The Big Apple and beyond (make your own rotten to the core joke).

A lifetime ago, a group of us would hike through Bethesda Fountain in Central Park on our way to the West Side. We didn't know yet what we didn't know. We were prep school kids for whom the world was our oyster (and by the world, we meant NYC). There were always musicians there then-always had been and I'd have guessed they'd be there through the End of Days. There's the signpost up ahead: Welcome to End of Days! Population, us.

I'm a little more annoyed, bordering on angry, about the quiet zone decreed for Strawberry Fields and yeah, it probably does have something to do with being part of the generation who came of age with the music of The Beatles and I see John Lennon as a genius. For purposes of this discussion, let's not dwell on side-car adventures or hold him in your armchair.

"And while Lennon read a book on Marx, the quartet practiced in the park. And we sang dirges on the phone the day they declared a quiet zone." Nope, not even close. With apologies to Sam, Clemens not Uncle, it is really a large matter like the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.

I'm wondering how long the sounds of silence will last, and I can't help but question the timing . I mean there are more people outside in the spring and summer than in the dead of winter which is when if you were going to do this, you might have wanted to try it. I figure by the Fourth of July, we'll have gone from a whisper to a scream. And I'm thinking about another governing body halfway around the world that had similar problems with public performances of music and other expression.

Not sure that's the role model we want. "It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me." Alternate side of the street parking rules apply, ticket books and tow trucks are out in force from now until noon for all the days that remain.
-bill kenny

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