Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why You Will NEVER Win

As we inch inexorably closer to a date on the calendar in the month of September that will never ever again be merely a date on the calendar in the month of September but more like the seventh of December or 17 Juni, I wanted to steal a march of sorts and offer you something you can watch now when you click on it here but that I hope you'll bookmark and save for later on and perhaps for more than one later on.

Perhaps you can share it with others or figure out a way (maybe by talking to the producer) to get still frames and have them made into prints for every room in your house or silk-screened for shirts or holographs we can bounce off of clouds as the gloaming gathers. We have the technology and now we have the material.

I'm thinking we plan on a perfectly crisp and clear night with a full moon everyone can see and then we project Josh's visual poem and later, maybe the next day, we go cell to cell in places like Guantanamo or maybe cave to cave in Tora Bora or any of the other hidey-holes these hate-filled cowards seem to prefer and confirm they did watch it.

We need to assure ourselves they grasped the message, in all of its high definition finality and totality, that, because the city which was the subject of that piece is as vital today as it was on September 10, 2001, they can never win. The stones they worked to break into a million pieces have been reformed and rebuilt-the bones they sought to reduce to dust have been reborn and returned to the dance. We will never let the bastards grind us down. Not ever.
-bill kenny

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