Monday, June 27, 2011

Everything's Got 'Em

It's hard to believe, especially since it seems like just last week we had snowstorms and chilblains, that it's practically July already. If this were Oklahoma, the corn would be as high as an elephant's eye, ruining forever the market for pygmy pachyderms I was hoping to pioneer. And I'm not real crazy about the part where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain (vanilla or otherwise) what with those zooming June bugs and all.

There's something to be said for consistency and constancy; not much, mind you, but something. Which brings us to a quiet week in The Rose City as one month ends and the next begins, starting with a regular meeting of the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) this afternoon at five in Room 210 of City Hall. The RDA is about to become a lot more active in new and exciting ways so a thank-you for the energy and engagement of the residents who volunteer to serve on that agency is well-earned and long overdue (even if the meeting minutes from the May meeting aren't posted on the city's website).

There's quite possibly a meeting of the Building Code Board of Appeals tomorrow afternoon at four in the Planning Department's conference room at 23 Union Street (they're called on 'as needed' basis and judging from the (absence of recent) meeting minutes on the city's website, they haven't been needed too often in recent memory, perhaps as a consequence of the shrinking economy).

At five, there's a regular meeting of the Harbor Management Commission in the City Manager's office at City Hall. Here's their April meeting minutes which are, it seems, the last time they met. I find it interesting, that the operation of the commercial wharf at the Harbor, so large a topic three months ago, didn't seem a part of the review of the "Waterfront Vision." And, perhaps just me, I kept seeing frames of Steamboat Willie-I may need to get my glasses checked.

Also Tuesday, at six, in their offices at 16 Golden Street, it's a double header of sorts as the Board of Public Utilities Commissioners and the Sewer Authority meet. It looks like their most recent activity was a special meeting of the Board of Commissioners at the end of May.

Wednesday morning starting at ten, not technically a meeting but you would meet other people there, it's the Norwich Waterfront Farmers' Market in Howard T. Brown Park with local farmers and local artists hoping that you and I supply the local people. Fresh fruit and vegetables and a chance to enjoy the middle part of the day at the water's edge? Sounds like a deal to me.

Speaking of sounds, at six, kicking off the Rock Out with Your Dock Out (or something) concert series, it's a free show by a Jimmy Buffett tribute band, "Changes in Latitudes." I'd understood Warren Buffett to be the original inspiration but I'm even happier they chose Jimmy.

Thursday evening at seven, it's a special meeting of the Democratic Town Committee (as opposed to a different meeting whose date has yet to be determined). Not sure what's going on but if you either know, or are curious and want to find out, the meeting is open to all and rumor has it there's a promise of pudding (I just got that rumor started and think the promise adds a whole new dimension of elegance).

As we ready for the 4th of July, somewhere on your list of charcoal briquettes and cold tallnecks, please add a thank you to those in uniform who make this holiday possible. They are again in every corner of the globe on yet another holiday, far from family and friends, so that you and I can enjoy the blessings of a free society whose costs we complain about so often and so bitterly. And like it or not, that's the way it's going to stay.
-bill kenny

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