Sunday, June 5, 2011

But We Do Have Lovely Parting Gifts

Just how many times does the world end before you say 'Fuq It! Already, Get it Over With!' If you're Eileen Heuwetter you may have already reached that point, so hold your calls, please.

Remember how unhappily disappointed you were when all those car loan, credit card and mortgage payments due on May 22nd, that you blew off because of The Rapture, not only didn't go away forever (or even for a little while) but came back with penalties because of missed payments? Eileen feels your pain and raises you one (or 300,000).

Maybe those Family Radio people were using the Mayan Calendar for their prediction? It's possible, I suppose, and extremely profitable, too. Whatever the case, being something less than accurate on the Big Going Out of Existence Date didn't seem to hurt them very much, to the tune of eighteen million smackeroonies in donations. Ayup.

Everyday I get a deeper appreciation of 'it takes all kinds to make a world.' I'm not all that amazed at the loonies broadcasting just above the police calls on the dial. I sort of admire that stoic steadfastness of purpose. What continues to weird me out is the number of folks who tune 'em in, turn on and drift away.

Screwing the pooch in terms of forecasting sure put a spanner in the spokes of a lot of other folks' bicycles but not theirs. I guess the Lord really does move in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Some advice for Harold Camping: Watch out for the Manufacturer's Recall, brother.

Seriously Harold, realizing math certainly is NOT your strong suit, let's do some together here anyway, okay? To review, we are talking about God here. I mean, He crucified His own Son. That God. What do you suppose He has up His Sleeve for you? Perhaps your very own holiday, maybe another Christmas? I suspect not so much.

"Toe to toe. Dancing very close, barely breathing. Almost comatose. Wall to wall, people hypnotized And they're stepping lightly. Hang each night in Rapture." Good luck with that!
-bill kenny

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