Friday, May 22, 2015

A Walk to Clear My Head

I'm off through next Tuesday. If you have to work today, please don't think I'm rubbing it in when I tell you I was off yesterday as well. Okay, maybe a little bit.

This is a picture in some form you've seen before of the Indian Leap Historical District which is about a five minute walk from my house, not that there is a cause and effect relationship between those two things. But it wouldn't be so bad, perhaps, if there were. Just sayin'.

This is the view from a street I rarely walk on just below the Jail Hill Historic District (I don't know if it is historic, but I think someday it will be) over on School Street, just beyond Cedar Street. There may have been a school here a long time ago, hence the name. In honor of the occasion yesterday I called it Bill Boulevard (just don't tell the Public Works people who altered the street sign).

On my way back to our house, I stopped to admire this one on Church Street-and yes there is a church, so perhaps there's hope for School Street as well-it's a house I pass all the time but yesterday I thought it looked especially lovely so I grabbed a photo.

I'm not sure I'll take pictures today that I'll share with you but you will be the second person to know it if I do.
- bill kenny

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