Thursday, May 7, 2015

Old Billy Was Right

The game's afoot in Dodge City as The Nine Supremes prepare to hand down, or not (they are a clever bunch) a we're-serious-about-this-stuff-you-guys ruling on the constitutionality of Federal recognition of gay marriage.

Or as I like to think of it since I'm too stupid to see people in quite the nuanced and discriminatory way that others do with ease, that anyone has the right to marry anyone else. I'm not smart but this is truly a no-brainer.

Unless you're Silvia Driskill of Auburn, Nebraska, who is pursuing a lawsuit against "all homosexuals" on behalf of God Almighty and His only Begotten Son. As a lapsed Catholic the suit bothers me. I was raised to understand that God Himself can smite people, and rarely delegates that task. And when I read the full petition, my head swims, but doesn't float.

I'm thinking it's in the drinking water, whatever it is that is making us even crazier in recent years than we have been in my memory ever. Not drinking water turned into wine-don't get me started on the miracles from The Book-but wouldn't it be nice if we spent less time in simulated outrage and concentrated a little more on a small miracle of simply allowing one another to live our lives.
-bill kenny

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