Tuesday, May 19, 2015

To Bee or Not To Bee

If you thought this had been a rough winter across large parts of the US, and you are correct it was, it was less than a cakewalk for bees, from spelling and quilting through knitting and honey. But whereas we have the spring and summer to look forward to and enjoy, the same cannot be said for that star-spangled bumbling pollinator, the honeybee. 

This, my friend, is a bad news story-but upon closer scrutiny it’s actually a worse news story. Not because it’s in the New York Times, far from it-but rather, because it’s buried somewhere in the bowels of America’s Newspaper of Record instead of on the front page above the fold.

We are talking about a situation, not intending to create panic, that should cause us to RUN WILDLY IN ALL DIRECTIONS SEEKING AN ESCAPE THAT DOESN’T EXIST. Sorry about that. Damm Caps Lock.  

Seriously-the food we eat, and if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, the food your food eats, very much depends on bees to be fruitful and multiply. And that ain’t happening like it used to.

Some are blaming Colony Collapse Disorder (which sounds like something that would have happened to bees in the British Empire, but what do I know?), others a parasite and still many others much of what man(kind) hath wrought to the environment and planet we share with the winged beasties. And no we don't know exactly why, but simply put there are 40% fewer bees than this time last year. 

I don’t have the answer and admit I have trouble fully grasping the question but 40% less of anything we need to sustain ourselves (and all other life forms) is quite the attention getter. I’m not a melittologist but I’m no fireman, either, and when I see a blaze burning where there shouldn’t be one I have an instinct that says “find somebody to help.” This time, too.

I’m not sure what needs to be done or even if we can do it-but we need to knock the Kardashians off the front page of our news feeds and worry a lot more about Honey and Hereafter or there will be very little of either very quickly
-bill kenny     

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