Friday, May 15, 2015

Someone Will Turn this into a TV Series

There are days I struggle to fill this space which you, who struggle so often to read that struggle, know all too well. Thanks for your patience and forbearance. Today is not a struggle unless I mean to suppress a snicker or perhaps a chortle even though this is a real story, literally torn from the pages of an actual newspaper (metaphorically speaking), with a less than happy ending. 

But don’t take my word for any of that (why would you start doing that now?). Read it for yourself. 

Perhaps like me you, too, have lots of questions with a critical paucity of answers. For starters, how can you want something, anything, in this case an automobile so badly you are willing to attempt to steal it with the owner hanging on to the roof? Conversely how can you decide in a split second that the risk to your life and limb is worth the attempt to keep your car from being stolen? 

Why do we get to read the name of the convicted thief but not that of his victim of the car theft or of the woman from whom Mr. Vidal, Jr. stole a kiss? Did anyone actually confirm that a law enforcement specialist created a report with “stole a kiss” in the narrative (that person is a poet and is destined for far greater things than supporting public safety in Bridgeport, Connecticut). 

You don’t think this has the makings of a TV show? I'm thinking prime time all the time, perhaps on one of those cable stations that operates at frequency just above the police calls. Which would only be appropriate, if only in an alternate universe
-bill kenny

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