Saturday, May 9, 2015

The (Not) Short (Enough) List

It’s only early May and the visual depiction of all those seeking (or expected to be seeking) the Republican Party nomination for the office of the Presidency in 2016 already resembles one of those  “have you seen me?” posters. In this case, too often the answer is, ‘sadly, yes.’  

The contingent of contenders expanded by three this week, and I confess to being a little disappointed that we haven’t seen any more jump in. Of course we still have the rest of the weekend, and if the weather holds, I’m thinking an even bigger bumper crop by Monday. Perhaps it will be so large we’ll need a Massey-Ferguson combine to harvest ‘em all. It could happen.

I am blessed to live in a county where anyone and everyone can aspire to grow up and be President. I do find myself wistfully wishing some of those already running would grow up but whether it’s Saul on the Road to Damascus or Slouching towards Bethlehem, sometimes it’s the journey and other times it’s the destination. 

I don’t know how much will be spent, nor by whom, to drive campaigns at eligible voters, but unbidden and (if you’re a Democrat) perhaps unBiden, the circus wagons draw nearer even if the messages are no clearer. And the chances of the circus remaining even remotely well-behaved just keep shrinking even as the Sailors line up to get their nails done. 

From Sea to Shining Sea, and we shall see what we shall see, but don’t believe everything you see even if it’s with your own eyes. Perhaps especially if it’s with your own eyes and ears….

"Praise be to Nero’s Neptune. The Titanic sails at dawn and everybody’s shouting, “Which Side Are You On?” And Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot fighting in the captain’s tower; while calypso singers laugh at them and fishermen hold flowers between the windows of the sea where lovely mermaids flow. And nobody has to think too much about Desolation Row."
- bill kenny

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