Monday, November 9, 2015

A Walk on the Mild Side

At the Norwich Harbor
I've had people tell me for well over two decades when I express surprise or frustration about how things get done, or don't, here in The Rose of New England that "you're not from here are you?" like maybe they don't already know the answer. 

Hanging with my homies
But I'm from here now. And maybe that's why it makes it easier for me to see the amazing beauty of where I live and to share it with those who haven't had the pleasure. Yet. 

from the Bend in the Yantic River
We have a lot of work to do among and between ourselves but as someone who's not from here, I hope I can be forgiven by those who are for suggesting that's true just about anywhere you go.

A view of the Marina 
The only thing keeping us from being the centerpiece of the heart of New England that we claim we want to be is ourselves. The same fingers we use to point at one another in blame and shame are attached to the hands we should be extending to aid one another's efforts. 

David Ruggles Courtyard at Norwich City Hall
But how would I know? I'm not from here. 

The view from Chelsea Parade
Love it, hate it (and I do both, sometimes at the same time) this is my town.
-bill kenny

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