Sunday, November 1, 2015

Someone Probably Could Have Used the Extra Hour

If the past as prologue is accurate, over 50,000 people will take to the streets today for the 2015 New York City Marathon (I'm not including in that number any of those who started out in the 2014 Marathon; it could happen).

I know of one runner this year who wasn't there previously, though if this is how he achieved it, it does explain why he asked to borrow my mascara. No worries, brother of mine, this is a No Judgement Zone. Resume normal speed but run, even if you don't answer to Forest, run!

I doubt I can even drive 26.2 miles much less run it (or watch while others do) but it's a tremendous event and those who have taken part would trade it for nothing in this life, except maybe a better placing than the one you can check on right here.

It's altogether fitting and proper that there be a Kenny back on the streets of the Big City, and this time around, one who has trained for it and whose heart is open to the thrill of possibilities. Go Adam!
-bill kenny

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