Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seasonal Seasonings.....

We're a little less than a month from Christmas. If you don't observe Christmas please substitute the phrase "December 25th." See? That worked great didn't it?

We here in Norwich (Connecticut) have already started by lighting up our City Hall (not with fire, but holiday lights) yesterday evening.

Last night was the start and we continue today, and it will matter not what the weather looks like. Starting at one this afternoon at Chelsea Parade and wending its way down Broadway, then Broad Street and yet more and finally onto Franklin Street, concluding just around Franklin Square it's the 247th Annual Winterfest Parade.

Okay, it isn't really that many, but I've been watching a to-remain-unnamed Presidential aspirant lie every time he opens his mouth with no repercussions so I figured why not. I've been following his example for almost six centuries now. There I go again!

The pictures you see are from last year's parade (my cell phone camera cannot get images of events before they happen, sigh) but you get the idea: lots of feet in the street, people on floats waving, marching bands, local civic groups and Santa Claus to cap the parade.

There are all kinds of arts and crafts in downtown afterwards so if you're in the area consider yourself invited and wander around to check out the merchants who are doing their part for Small Business Saturday and I'd have to assume for your holiday season as well.

Maybe your town has its own celebrations going on. In that case, by all means I'll understand if you take a raincheck on ours but if you're looking to get into the mood, we have a whole cadre of volunteers who work for months on this and they do a great job, so the more the merrier and that includes you.
-bill kenny

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