Friday, November 13, 2015

Rushing to Judgment

Sometimes there are no words (like a car whose brakes can stop on a mime) and other times there is a torrent of words but no meaning. Such as this

Obviously, I’m (somehow) mistaken in thinking the most important part of being a parent is how much love you have in your heart for the child you are raising as your own. Very much appreciate the power of Belief (capital B deliberately) but if you wish to live in a theocracy (or more on point, behave in such a way that others are made to feel like they live in one), there are direct flights to Iran from nearly every major US Airport. Happy landings and Bon Voyage.

Not sure when hateful narrow-mindedness became a family value unless you meant the Manson family, but it sure looks like we’re there now. This is about as wrong as we can get in this country and I’m not sure we can ever climb our way back up this slippery slope if this decision is allowed to stand
-bill kenny

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