Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Until this past weekend, we in southern New England had been spared most of what we usually see and feel this time of year in terms of weather.

It started snowing Sunday afternoon and a series of squalls across the Long Island sound left us with about an inch of crystalline powder to crunch under our boots as we walked around on Monday.

Not helping at all were gusts of wind that made the temperature feel much colder than it was, and it was kind of cold to start with. Good walking weather, as long as you kept walking.

Walked to City Hall for the 31st Annual Observance of the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and as always, afterwards, enjoyed how the building towers over the area.

Walking back home, into the wind, halted to contemplate a number of things as I watched turkey vultures gather on a rooftop, leeward side, of a large house on Broadway, probably wondering to themselves if it's really too late in the year to migrate south.

Speculated what a resident of the house might have been thinking had they looked out a window and seen that particular committee on their roof. Probably not wondering why they hadn't had a visit from one of the fine folks offering a copy of the Watchtower.
-bill kenny  

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