Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Time to Rise Has Been Engaged

I head back to work today. I always cheat on Christmas vacation like that-I come back after the new year begins on the "second" workday so that all the stop and startness of the first one washes over everyone else.

I work by myself in a large organization; I tell myself it's my choice but I'm a lousy liar and each year I knew fewer and fewer people in my place of work so I think I might finally be old enough to take the hint I've been getting for years.

I don't take myself seriously-I take what I do seriously (someone has to and since no one else for miles has any interest in doing it, let it be me) and I'm actually good at it. Might I feel better about it if I were an astronaut or a baseball player or a cowboy or the President, all dreams when I still wore short pants and answered to Billy? Maybe.

The way things are going I could still be the President, at least in my office, until someone else showed up. I'm in the value-added business. I don't make the floor tile-I make it shinier (stolen from an old BASF commercial). Lately, I've been wondering more than usual as to why shiny tiles are important and to whom.

Anyway, if you didn't have a holiday break or it's already over, all of this today is yet another verse of FWP, I know. I do take solace from the thought that some at work may have concluded I retired or quit in the course of the last two weeks. To that, after I smile wryly, I'll just add, 'your better best to rearrange." And any of the office supplies you 'found' in my desk drawer need to be returned. Now.
-bill kenny

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