Friday, January 1, 2016

The Danger and Allure of the Road Not Taken

Welcome to 2016 (here on the East Coast of the United States). It's still dawning elsewhere as it arrives but arrive it shall and will. The next bright penny in our calendar of a lifetime that will be as dirty and dulled by that which we have done, and not done, by the next thirty-first of December.

But that's for another time. This is now and this now is new. The blank page can be a little intimidating until you start to write and then, I'd hope, the words will flow (don't use this as an example).

For some this year will be the next chapter, while for others this will be the final chapter. Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans. Our lives, I'm told, are really compilations and combinations of everyone we meet, and of every situation in which we find ourselves.

I always bear in mind that disclaimer I see on the side of boxes of dry ingredients of all kinds: "Some settling of contents during shipment may occur."

That said, and I have stopped making resolutions for each new year (which means I have stopped breaking my resolutions), might we all entertain the idea of Never Settling for Anything at Anytime by Anyone?

We deserve the best from one another always and this time around, with a leap year, we have a new opportunity to be the best we can ever be, until we are here in this place and space again. Until then turn your face to the brand new sun.
-bill kenny

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